NLP – Take off to New Heights in Sales

All companies manufacture products to sell. For instance, luxury car makers are not just satisfied by creating high-quality vehicles but employ various methods to market their products. This is what makes the companies grow bigger.

Among the major means of sales is the Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP). The programme takes into account the seven personality traits of customers. Each of these customers would be a study in contrast. While one may be very friendly the other may be hostile. Another may expect the salesperson to deal with him as an equal. Still another may be suspicious. A serious customer may want to know each and every aspect of the product. The next customer would be willing to buy the product even if the salesperson shows no interest. The salesperson has to adapt his strategy according to the personality of the customer.

It is often suggested that the sales sector is now undergoing a recession, but it is not true. Apparently, the recession is in only the mind. Utilizing the strategies suitable for 2016-20, effective sales can be carried out.

How can this strategy be launched? What is the first step?

A salesperson can start with ‘POGO’. ‘P’ refers to the person you are dealing with. The first queries could be about the personal facts of the customer. ‘O’ refers to the organization that the customer represents. ‘GO’ stands for the goal of the customer. The salesperson can ask the customer for what purpose the product is needed.

Another point to be remembered is that peak energy levels have to be maintained while conducting the sales. When both the salesperson and the customer are at peak energy levels, sales take place quickly.

The Neuro Linguistic Programme of Lifeline also trains participants in prospecting methods. Of the several methods, only 2-3 may have to be employed in most cases.

The Lifeline programme discusses 32 referral methods too. Presentation is yet another important part of sales. A cutting-edge tool employed these days is the hypnotic language. The salesperson addresses the subconscious mind of the customer to complete the sale.

Having a formal sales system is a crucial factor in achieving a successful marketing track record. The sales system refers to a team of salespersons headed by a manager or supervisor. The Lifeline’s NLP Sales Mastery Programme discusses 101 sales closing methods. But only 6-7 may be needed in a normal sales deal. These methods were identified after extensive research conducted over several years.

By utilizing these methods, a salesperson can have his number of clients rising steadily from maybe one to four to ten. A profit of ten times can be achieved within six months. However, such methods have to be implemented ethically. NLP Sales Mastery Programme makes a participant consider sales activity as a game of chess with each customer. By doing the job well, the salesperson can even reach a level at which no rejection takes place.  

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