The Mindset of Billionaires

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fools, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.”- Sholem Aleichem

There are countless sayings and wisdom about wealth and money, and each one reveals a different perspective. It’s usually seen that the generation of rich get wealthier and wealthier at the same time the generation of poor people will get poorer. What’s the reason? Most people are influenced by beliefs, which usually arose in childhood. They work from the subconscious mind and are deeply rooted in us. For that reason, the subconscious programming of rich kids get from their parents and surroundings are entirely different from that of poor kids. Those who manage to overwrite this programming of limiting beliefs and fear can achieve wealth and success easily.

Most beliefs about money are rather negative, but they have a lasting effect on the associated energy flow according to the law of attraction. If you believe money is bad you can’t attract them to your life. The well-known belief “money alone does not make you happy” can be transformed into the following: “Money makes you happy because you can make lots of positive things around you with money.” To become wealthy or successful it is important to have the belief and mindset of a billionaire.

If you look at the biographies of rich people, you can see that they often had to live through bad times, lost their wealth through wrong decisions and were bankrupted. However, they had recovered everything after two years and rebuilt their empire. Incredible restorations can be seen in the life of billionaires. How do they make it from the scrap?

These people had lost all their material things, but not their most important tool that was responsible for their wealth, which is their mindset and thinking. With the help of a millionaire mindset and belief set wealth can be recreated over and over again.

The counterpart for this is the lottery millionaire .for example a man from the middle class gains five million from a lottery and becomes a millionaire. After a few years, He lost everything by doing the wrong businesses and got bankrupt. But he is unable to make wealth again. Why is he unable to become a millionaire again in a short time? It’s easy to answer because he never learned to think and act likes a millionaire.

It has been scientifically proven that thoughts lead to feelings, which in turn lead to actions and ultimately to results that are real and can be defined in concrete terms. Thoughts become reality – positively or negatively. We can imagine that our life springs from our thoughts, much like a house based on a blueprint.

Our thoughts determine how and where we live, with whom we nurture relationships and what we do. And it is these very thoughts that determine our relationship to wealth and prosperity.

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