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Mind Mastery

The mind is an amazing powerhouse inside you; powerful than any nuclear power plant. Your mind contains an unlimited source of energy and the potential to achieve anything you want in your life. Look around yourself and observe all the unbelievable architectural wonders, super cars, jet planes, mind-blowing technologies and scientific revolutions you are familiar with; needless to say almost everything you are using today are come out from the mind of someone. Remember that minds were not unusual from yours, but what differentiates those who change the history from yours was this single fact; they are willing to use the power of their mind. Many external and internal blockages or ignorance may prevent us understanding and thereby using the enormous power of our mind and creating wonders in our life. Once you discover and destroy these blockages and train your mind to be successful. Your entire life story will be outstanding from the rest.      Lifeline is organizing an exceptional workshop to reveal and train the inner power of your mind. In this workshop, the hidden potential of your subconscious mind will be unveiled and reprogramming of your subconscious mind will be done under the guidance of world-renowned Mindpower trainer and spiritual Scientist Dr. PP Vijayan. Most relevant and fascinating topics are included in this program. Various meditation methods, laws of attractions, Affirmation, Visualization and a lot more will be trained in our Mind Mastery Training Program. This Mind mastery program guaranteed to bring success in your life, career, and relations. Goals are the motivational power which fuels you towards the journey of success. This program will help you to set and achieve your goals through numerous tips and techniques. There is a special section for students called Smart Study Techniques and Smart Study Habits. This method helps you to learn and understand things five times more and improve the memory power of students significantly. Along with exam tips and time management skills were trained. This can improve the overall performance of a student many times. After this program you can find than your mind was filled with positive thoughts and emotions, as your mind is positive naturally the world around you also starts to shift into a new perspective. You can feel and understand good and wonderful things began to sprout out in your life.  New doors of possibilities start to open and you can enjoy the life of a winner.

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NLP – Take off to New Heights in Sales

All companies manufacture products to sell. For instance, luxury car makers are not just satisfied by creating high-quality vehicles but employ various methods to market their products. This is what makes the companies grow bigger. Among the major means of sales is the Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP). The programme takes into account the seven personality traits of customers. Each of these customers would be a study in contrast. While one may be very friendly the other may be hostile. Another may expect the salesperson to deal with him as an equal. Still another may be suspicious. A serious customer may want to know each and every aspect of the product. The next customer would be willing to buy the product even if the salesperson shows no interest. The salesperson has to adapt his strategy according to the personality of the customer. It is often suggested that the sales sector is now undergoing a recession, but it is not true. Apparently, the recession is in only the mind. Utilizing the strategies suitable for 2016-20, effective sales can be carried out. How can this strategy be launched? What is the first step? A salesperson can start with ‘POGO’. ‘P’ refers to the person you are dealing with. The first queries could be about the personal facts of the customer. ‘O’ refers to the organization that the customer represents. ‘GO’ stands for the goal of the customer. The salesperson can ask the customer for what purpose the product is needed. Another point to be remembered is that peak energy levels have to be maintained while conducting the sales. When both the salesperson and the customer are at peak energy levels, sales take place quickly. The Neuro Linguistic Programme of Lifeline also trains participants in prospecting methods. Of the several methods, only 2-3 may have to be employed in most cases. The Lifeline programme discusses 32 referral methods too. Presentation is yet another important part of sales. A cutting-edge tool employed these days is the hypnotic language. The salesperson addresses the subconscious mind of the customer to complete the sale. Having a formal sales system is a crucial factor in achieving a successful marketing track record. The sales system refers to a team of salespersons headed by a manager or supervisor. The Lifeline’s NLP Sales Mastery Programme discusses 101 sales closing methods. But only 6-7 may be needed in a normal sales deal. These methods were identified after extensive research conducted over several years. By utilizing these methods, a salesperson can have his number of clients rising steadily from maybe one to four to ten. A profit of ten times can be achieved within six months. However, such methods have to be implemented ethically. NLP Sales Mastery Programme makes a participant consider sales activity as a game of chess with each customer. By doing the job well, the salesperson can even reach a level at which no rejection takes place.  

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The Mindset of Billionaires

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fools, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.”- Sholem Aleichem There are countless sayings and wisdom about wealth and money, and each one reveals a different perspective. It’s usually seen that the generation of rich get wealthier and wealthier at the same time the generation of poor people will get poorer. What’s the reason? Most people are influenced by beliefs, which usually arose in childhood. They work from the subconscious mind and are deeply rooted in us. For that reason, the subconscious programming of rich kids get from their parents and surroundings are entirely different from that of poor kids. Those who manage to overwrite this programming of limiting beliefs and fear can achieve wealth and success easily. Most beliefs about money are rather negative, but they have a lasting effect on the associated energy flow according to the law of attraction. If you believe money is bad you can’t attract them to your life. The well-known belief “money alone does not make you happy” can be transformed into the following: “Money makes you happy because you can make lots of positive things around you with money.” To become wealthy or successful it is important to have the belief and mindset of a billionaire. If you look at the biographies of rich people, you can see that they often had to live through bad times, lost their wealth through wrong decisions and were bankrupted. However, they had recovered everything after two years and rebuilt their empire. Incredible restorations can be seen in the life of billionaires. How do they make it from the scrap? These people had lost all their material things, but not their most important tool that was responsible for their wealth, which is their mindset and thinking. With the help of a millionaire mindset and belief set wealth can be recreated over and over again. The counterpart for this is the lottery millionaire .for example a man from the middle class gains five million from a lottery and becomes a millionaire. After a few years, He lost everything by doing the wrong businesses and got bankrupt. But he is unable to make wealth again. Why is he unable to become a millionaire again in a short time? It’s easy to answer because he never learned to think and act likes a millionaire. It has been scientifically proven that thoughts lead to feelings, which in turn lead to actions and ultimately to results that are real and can be defined in concrete terms. Thoughts become reality – positively or negatively. We can imagine that our life springs from our thoughts, much like a house based on a blueprint. Our thoughts determine how and where we live, with whom we nurture relationships and what we do. And it is these very thoughts that determine our relationship to wealth and prosperity.

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Importance of Mind Power Training

The human mind can be related to a monkey, which jumps from one tree to another. Our mind is always restless, numerous thoughts and emotions were generated herein each and every day. Due to these characteristics of our mind, we can’t focus on our goal and achieve it. For example, think about the elephant in the forest, it is so wild and dangerous towards humans. But once we tame this elephant it can be used for many beneficial activities. This taming process is quite difficult and time-consuming. Through mind power training we can tame our mind and make it work towards our goal. In mind power training we can unlock the full potential of our mind and create miracles to life. Like every muscle in the human body, the brain is also a muscle that can be developed through exercise. In mind, power training sections experienced trainers train your brain to attain great strength. We are controlled by our subconscious mind which is 30000 times powerful than our conscious mind. Through mind power training we can rewrite the old programming of our subconscious with the new program of positive thoughts, power, love, happiness, and peace. Understanding your mind and its possibilities training is an inevitable factor. For example, you want to learn driving; there are two options in front of you.  First, you can learn driving under a driving school. The second option; you can also learn driving by your own but the chances of risks are huge and usually you may end up in a crash, when you go to a driving school you are guided with an experienced person, he can instruct you each and everything in the vehicle and clarify your doubts. His presence gives you the confidence to drive the vehicle on the busy road and traffic. He will give you valuable tips and advice which may be useful in your future driving. Through the practice of a few months, you became an experienced driver confident enough to accelerate at top speeds. Attending Mind Power training has a myriad of advantages and an eye-opening experience for everyone. In these classes, you get a chance to recognize yourself and obtain awareness about the hidden potential inside you. Expert advice and solutions will be delivered to your problems. Each mind power class will fill your energy level and motivate you to achieve success in life. Mindpower training helps you to identify your passions and inspires you to persuade them. The mind is a powerful force; it can enslave us or empower us. It can plunge us into the depth of misery or take us to the height of ecstasy. Learn to use this power wisely.  If you want to use this power for your benefits lifeline mind care welcomes you to our internationally qualified mind power training programs under the guidance of world-renowned trainers. This is a golden chance to transform your life to zero to hero; failure to success. We are here to create the best version of you.

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