"Mind is the super power that creates everything in this world. Thought is the unique mechanism that makes mind working."

-Dr. P.P. Vijayan


Lifeline, the mind revealing platform, is on a unique mission to make each one of you a successful individual - personally and professionally. Our mind power trainers will tell you the success mantras.

Mind, as you know,is a mystery from ancient times and many philosophers and scientists have tried to unlock its secrets. Still,no one knows fully what it is.

We, the mind power trainers, who have mastered theories and the practices, are here to help you out to find your mind's secrets.

Services We Offer

"To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart."- Thomas Watson


Mind Mastery is a comprehensive training programme that will teach you how to master your subconscious mind.Through this training program you will able to tap the potential power of your subconscious mind.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sales Mastery guarantees you to excel in sales performance. This course will enhance your sales skills and techniques, verbal and non-verbal communications skills,etc


In fact your limiting beliefs about money and financial success prevent you from achieving your wealth aspirations. Distracting emotions and thoughts create major challenges for you to have more money.


Come and join the 12-day certified residency trainers' training programme led by Dr. P PVijayan, agloballyacclaimed master trainer and spiritual scientist, to turn you into an inspiring trainer. Once out of the programme, you are set to be a highly-paid coach.


Let’s begin a journey, a journey through the hitherto unknown and un-trodden alleys of inner self, in search of the meaning of our soul. Lifeline had many years of in-depth research on soul. Our meticulous research is now made in a capsule, Soul Mastery.

Take your business to the next level

Meet our Master Trainer

Dr. P. P. Vijayan

Mind Trainer

Dr. P.P. Vijayan, a mind power trainer for three decades now, has four Master Degrees in Psychology (M.Sc.), Political Science and International Relations (MA), Law (LLM) and Business Management (MBA), and PhD from the University of Kerala. A visiting faculty in many premier universities across the world, he is a trained professional in IT management from the Govt. of Japan. Dr.Vijayan is a master trainer for many corporate bodies and has trained CEOs, entrepreneurs, lawyers,medical professionals etc. His published thesis is a reference bookin libraries across the globe, and he hasauthored 38 books, mainly on mind power and ways to achieve success. He is a master trainer who trains other trainers to empower them to transform lives. Dr.Vijayan sets apart his entire earnings from giving training across the world to most deserving charities.


Company Culture

From practicing a healthy work-life balance to great perks and benefits, Lifeline is all about supporting their employees' goals and diverse lifestyles.

At Lifeline, our mission is to change lives everywhere. We create breakthroughs and awaken the human spirit in everyone. We have outrageous fun while we transform the quality of people’s lives around the world.

Creating strong minds that nourish healthy habits and lifestyle and flourish in life with a vision that benefits family to society is our aim.

What Lifeline Means to You

• Lifeline is an initiative of a group of trainers and philanthropists
• It is a mind transformation platform having a team of experts in mind power-knowledge.

• These experts are equipped with the latest mind power training techniques.
• We train people from different walks of life through various programmes.

• The experts dig deep into the subtle layers of the subconscious mind to bring forth your secrets before you. This will enable you to rediscover, reshape, and empower yourself and lead you to wealth and success.

• Lifeline helps you fashion a billionaire mindset, lead a peaceful and contented life and enrich the world. See our different programmes and experience the difference for yourself.


“The first time I attended Dr.Vijayan’s Program was in 2011. It’s the fifth time I am attending Mind Mastery. Before this, I had attended The Billionaire Mindset Program. Following last month’s BMS review program, I could complete six months work in one month. It is said that everyone needs a mentor in life. Through Dr. Vijayan’s mentoring, I was able to bring about a number of changes in my life”

Michel David

“I have attended Dr.Vijayan’s Mind Mastery, Billionaire Mindset, and Design your life programs. I would say today's NLP Sales Mastery Program was excellent. Thank you, Dr.Vijayan”


This was a good program that revealed the secrets of our mind’s working. It was really a good experience. It also gave inputs to business people like me to think and set our goals at higher levels. Thanks to Dr.Vijayan”


Latest News

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The Mindset of Billionaires

“Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fools, a comedy for the rich, and a tragedy for the poor.”- Sholem Aleichem There are countless sayings and wisdom about wealth and money, and each one reveals a different perspective. It’s usually seen that the generation of rich get wealthier and wealthier...

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